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You've just discovered the top bespoke web development business in the United States for developing and integrating web apps. We cover whatever is related to web app development, from idea formulation to app launch and upkeep. Hire a US-based web app development business to create unique apps.

DashDevs is your perfect match for backend development services

We design interactive and enjoyable products

skilled developers

DashDevs team in the United States gives high-quality profit vision all around the world by utilizing the best Web techniques.

fields of expertise

Our company can assist you in swiftly launching your Web app. Our professionals deliver on schedule, with in-depth case studies and high-quality outcomes.


We have devoted over a decade developing our skills. You can count on the expertise of our bespoke backend development services in the United States to help your business thrive.

Development Services

Our solution architects work with business partners and customers, as well as have a strong grasp of IT and supervising development teams. This guarantees that the entire solution aligns with the company's objectives and stays stable and adaptable for potential development.

IT infrastructure 

Hiring a Ukrainian web development team is a privilege that secures the reliability of your business framework. You will never have to be concerned about server, database, network, virtualization, and cloud computing management and automation, as well as feeling safe.


Our team of professionals employs cutting-edge technology and case studies to assist businesses in developing online services and applications for their businesses.

Enterprise Web 

DashDev's best website solutions extend well beyond traditional CMS-based offerings. We align with your workflows and help you operate day-to-day activities smoothly and effectively.

Product development

We can transform new and experimental ideas into commercial products. Our team handles your product through all stages of development, from concept to commercial launch and beyond. In other words, our company manages a product's complete life cycle.


DashDevs creates unique financial software solutions to help startups, investment banks, retail banks, insurance providers, and wealth management organizations become more inventive and flexible in the financial business.

Big data

Big Data is a turning point because it enables our programmers to include critical insights from data processing, allowing them to design data-driven products that enhance the user experience.


Select a skilled web development company that can create a high-capacity, scalable architecture that assures your platform's stability, efficiency, and maintenance. We ensure that your product is comfy and reliable, regardless of how many people use it at the same time.


Using microservice architecture, our professionals can simply store media material in a flexible object storage system and send it straight to them through mobile or web, as well as transfer a complicated site to a cloud-based microservice platform.

BACKEND Solutions
for Verticals
Ecommerce app

E-commerce businesses may profit from our backend services in a variety of ways, including higher sales, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and product promotion.

Delivery app

Location tracking, email marketing, payment systems, and database management are all important aspects of delivery platforms, and we can supply them.

Healthcare app

With the support of backend professionals, we can automate everyday tasks, and the fact that consumers can get online medical care and self-monitoring tools may be incredibly important to medical organizations.

Wallet app

Let DashDevs help you receive payments from customers via your app, online, or at the register, while wallets may connect to their bank accounts and save their debit and credit cards digitally.

Real Estate apps

Let's cooperate, and our experts will create any app to make it simple to buy, rent, and sell a home, as well as sell and rent commercial real estate.

Taxi apps

DashDevs pros can assist you in developing a flawless taxi app with amazing features, such as automating order receipt and execution, offering a convenient service, and controlling the order fulfillment process.

Streaming apps

When building customized media streaming products, you will receive solid modern media techniques and ensure that material delivery does not cease.

Booking apps

Mobile and internet booking services must provide a plethora of options and be data-driven in order to satisfy their customers. We can guarantee flawless operation with numerous payment processors and a powerful search engine.

Fitness applications

DashDevs professionals can create fitness applications with many features such as result monitoring, incentives to keep going, networking, and even instruction on the area.

Marketplace apps

We create B2B, B2C, or C2C marketplaces while keeping business objectives in sight and matching customers' requirements to increase conversions.

Fintech app

Our web banking apps will provide your clients with comprehensive service, covering access to their accounts, transactions, investments, customer satisfaction, and content offerings such as discounts and updates that will improve your mobile banking app.

Banking app

All our fintech app development professionals use cutting-edge technology to produce applications that provide a great user experience, helping financial firms to retain consumers while also discovering new ones in a competitive market.

Travel applications

Our developers can create the ideal travel app for you, complete with everything from full-service timetables and schedules to user reviews and ratings, as well as the ability to search for and purchase tickets.

Insurance apps

DasdDevs masters the technological age, implements transformation programs, and selects cutting-edge technological solutions. With such an approach, we can achieve a strong competitive advantage by fulfilling future consumer expectations, concentrating on the long term, and enhancing operational flexibility to completely address changing market circumstances.

BACKEND Development
Discovery Phase

Our specialists will conduct a briefing with you before gathering and analyzing prerequisites from individuals who will use the app. DashDevs's team will also do deeper research to assess the project's scope, time, and cost, as well as establish detailed objectives and risks.


We produce a prototype for the web app as part of the contract, which is a working example of the app. This allows the development team to show their solution to stakeholders and analyze the practicality of the original prototype.

Architecture Design

At this point in the product's life cycle, our IT specialists will choose the best construction approach and technology stack for the backend and web, as well as establish the framework for the application.


Our software company will now concentrate on developing the app's database, front-end, and back-end. We also provide a QA/QC specialist that tests each product increment to assure the excellent quality of the application.


DashDevs' web development team will evaluate the finished product's quality depending on the business needs, system reliability, scalability, and executive resources.


DashDevs' web development team will evaluate the finished product's quality depending on the business needs, system reliability, scalability, and executive resources, to determine whether we can successfully launch it to the market.


Even after the official release, it is essential to prepare for the following steps: problem resolution, product performance optimization, license renewal, adding new functionality in accordance with the marketing process, and adopting modifications based on user input.

Our clients reviews
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UK flag UK
Project summary

MuchBetter is a revolutionary award-winning payment app. Industry-leading e-wallet lets store, send and receive money securely and quickly. It is the preferred payment app of global gaming sites, providing an alternative to wallets like Neteller, Skrill, Entropay and Ecopayz.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 6 specialists
Duration 6 months
Budget $ 100K
Technologies Java / Google Cloud

DashDevs has shown profound expertise in the field through their workers. Their outstaffing services proved a great tool for quick team augmentation. Each detail was handled precisely and professionally, enabling us to stay focused on other things.

CEO MuchBetter — Israel Rosenthal avatar
CEO MuchBetter — Israel Rosenthal
UK flag UK
Bahrain flag Bahrain
Project summary

Personal Financial Manager system for the GCC region. The system provides users with the ability to access and manage bank accounts from all open-banking integrated commercial banks as well as make payments and transfers through the Open Banking platform 24/7 using a mobile application.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 12 specialists
Duration 1 years
Budget $ 0.5M+
Technologies .NET Core / Kotlin / Swift / React / AWS

DashDevs delivered smoothly and on time with the app which continues to bring more value over time. Their profound fintech expertise and creative solutions added additional value.

CCO Tarabut Gateway — Alan Walsh avatar
CCO Tarabut Gateway — Alan Walsh LinkedIn
Bahrain flag Bahrain
Bahrain flag Bahrain
Project summary

Unique platform that allows to split large sovereign bonds into smaller units in order to lower the starting investment amount. Thus, INABLR enables individual investors to come into sovereign bond market, which is hardly achievable otherwise.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 15 specialists
Duration 6 month
Budget $ 400K
Technologies .NET / iOS / Swift / React.js

Our stakeholders and investors are fully satisfied with the platform DashDevs has built for us. The team was incredibly attentive to our expectations and requirements, which resulted in a completely functioning product ready for any market challenge.

CEO Inablr — Anver Jalaldeen avatar
CEO Inablr — Anver Jalaldeen
Bahrain flag Bahrain
UK flag UK
Project summary

Dozens app is a branchless financial institution that comes with a full line of banking products and services to help every individual: invest, manage, spend, and earn more efficiently and wisely. It's set to transform the global financial industry and make financial services transparent and affordable to everyone.

Industry FINTECH
Team size 65 specialists
Duration 2 years
Budget $ 4M+
Technologies .NET Core / Kotlin / Swift / React / AWS

From the very early days I was struck by DashDevs pragmatic approach of balancing between development and business needs. It's really rare to find a company that not only does tech for the sake of tech, but takes grounded decisions taking into account business considerations. We built together a pretty complicated platform with 40 vendors in less than 18 month. Dashdevs is much more than a technical agency, it gives you one team feeling.

CEO and founder of Dozens - Aritra Chakravarty avatar
CEO and founder of Dozens - Aritra Chakravarty LinkedIn
UK flag UK
Portfolio Projects

Explore our works full of innovation energy and desire to create the best software.

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Why Hire a Dashdevs BACKEND
Development Company in the USA?
Science-based practices

Our solutions can assist in meeting your company's objectives by uniting a thorough grasp of the market with a complete comprehension of the most recent technology and cutting-edge analytic skills.

Agile approach

We can ensure that high-quality technical services are supplied on schedule, make it easier for customers to contact us, and fulfill our business objectives of increasing sales and market share by adhering to tried-and-true Agile software development principles.


DashDevs assures that your product is built on a proven architecture. We employ cutting-edge technology to transform our expertise into your perfect product.

Efficient service

Whatever your requirements are, we will design a user-friendly solution capable of increasing efficiency and performance while expanding with your business as it grows.

Fintech expertise

Our team can provide you with various instances of fintech solutions. We provide top-tier technical knowledge based on a thorough grasp of the industry and first-rate technology.


In order to attain high levels of company performance, we consistently enhance the proper management of individual development and team productivity.

High load

Using High Load, we ensure the stability of an Internet application under heavy loads. Creating the website architecture necessitates working with databases and a server, as well as utilizing emerging innovations and programming languages.


Big Data enables the inclusion of critical data insights, allowing the development of data-driven programs that enhance the user experience and fulfill corporate objectives.


DashDevs is confident that our firm will endure even the most difficult circumstances. We assist our customers in a number of ways, such as by designing software from the ground up or assisting you in improving current solutions.

How to Choose a Backend App Development Company?

A good back-end custom software development services company will have the knowledge and competence to offer high-quality products. When selecting a bespoke software development business, examine their expertise, technical talents, communication ability, and flexibility. Additionally, ensure that the organization has positive feedback from previous clients and is eager to collaborate with you to understand the unique project needs of your digital growth strategy.

  • Begin by conducting web research to uncover suitable back-end application development service providers.
  • Once you've narrowed down your list of possible applicants, spend some time reading reviews and evaluating their technical talents, communication abilities, and previous projects.
  • Examine their web development portfolio. This will provide you with a fair indication of their expertise and the types of jobs on which they work.
  • Once you've narrowed down your list of potential partners, contact them to discuss your idea in further depth. Inquire about their procedure, timeline, and cost.
  • Request proposals from many firms so that you may evaluate prices and services.
  • Finally, select the organization that you believe is most suited to your workplace culture.
How Long Does It Take to Develop a Backend Service?
Backend project duration will be considerable if the website involves complicated queries, interaction with third-party resources, non-standard data processing duties, and so on. Coding can take up to 20 hours or more, depending on the nature of the task, the technology utilized, and whether the situations or priorities change.
Why is Backend Application Development Important?
A competent backend developer can enhance the functionality of your website’s backend. They will create and maintain client-server testing plans, targeting every browser and device to ensure they all show the intended information. Backend engineers who are meticulous, quick, and produce high-quality code may inspire and raise the standard for the entire team, boosting your app’s performance and efficiency.
What are the Benefits of Backend Development?
  • The most obvious benefit of employing backend services is that it speeds up development. Backend professionals will provide maintainable code and assist end users in avoiding reinventing the wheel.
  • A shorter time to market is a straightforward result of greater development pace. Having a project completed in less time provides several benefits for startups and businesses.
  • Companies should assign software developers to high-value activities instead of low-value, monotonous duties. It will definitely help your firm save some money.
  • Another advantage is that we can help save time while you focus on key company activities. As a result, your firm will be able to focus its efforts on what it is strong at, have more time to tackle essential matters, encourage employees, and so on.
  • Backend development will make all procedures incredibly seamless and simple.
  • Platforms built by backend developers rely on solid, well-designed infrastructure. This results in higher performance than just launching an application without expert assistance.
  • Users will benefit from improved application security thanks to the backend.
What are the Types of Backend Development?

Here are some popular backend programming languages used in backend web development.

C#: offers superior integrity and interoperability.
Java: focuses on security.
Ruby: capable of managing changes.
Python: simple syntax and code that is easy to read.
JavaScript: the best language for code sharing and reusability.
PHP: simple and easy to learn programming language.
TypeScript: makes code management easier.
Golang: well-scaled and allows for faster execution.

What is Included in Backend Development?

Backend development is the process of creating everything that takes place in the background of an application or a website that the user cannot see.

Here is mostly all the work a professional backend web developer does, knows, or is responsible for during project development:

Incorporation of cloud technology.
Database development, integration, and maintenance.
Backend frameworks for developing server-side applications.
Technology for web servers. System software.
Deployment of APIs Languages for server-side programming.
Setting up security and preventing hackers.
Making a backup.
Development and upkeep of a content management system (CMS).
Analytics and statistics are used to generate reports.

Why Choose US Web Development Company?

In today’s global economy, neither country can compete with America’s pool of technological talent. The top organizations and enterprises are headquartered in the United States, which is recognized for its innovative and technological skills, as well as its position as a global leader in web development. Consider the software that governs your life to understand why the United States is the world leader in web development.

Without a doubt, the United States is the most important provider of high-quality IT expertise. When you select USA web development, you are committing to working with the best organizations and professionals.