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Dozens Dozens Dozens Dozens Dozens
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Award-Winning Digital-Only Bank

Dozens app is a branchless financial institution that comes with a full line of banking products and services to help every individual invest, manage, spend, and earn more efficiently and wisely. It's set to transform the global financial industry and make financial services transparent and affordable to everyone. Our team of 80+ experts took on full responsibility for the technical implementation of native apps for iOS and Android platforms. We made it possible to present a fully-fledged Dozens challenger bank to the public in only nine months.

Downing Downing Downing Downing
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UK Best Online Investment Platform

Downing is a P2P investment platform that is used by over 25000 investors in the UK. It supports businesses in the Healthcare, Energy and Infrastructure, Leisure and Hospitality, and Property Finance industries by helping them to deliver on the strategy and make a difference. We provided the Downing investment management platform with custom web application development services to boost their brand awareness, empower growth, and drive new partners. Hundreds of companies — including ambitious startups, fast-growing fintechs, and large corporations — are partnering with Dashdevs to overcome tech challenges, become more agile, allocate budget more wisely, and innovate faster.

Keen Keen Keen Keen Keen Keen
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The Largest Psychic Advice Network

Keen is the biggest network of gifted psychics who help individuals find answers to most critical questions regarding love, career, relationships, and more. It offers exceptional privacy and twenty-four/seven access and support. Keen is a free psychic chat app that empowers users to talk to the selected advisors based on their profiles, reviews, and rating. Moreover, we've added an algorithm that suggests the most relevant mediums, depending on your demand. Except for free psychic advice online, the solution also provides daily horoscopes, tarot readings, astrological compatibility, and love tips.

Elvn Elvn Elvn Elvn Elvn
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Cryptocurrency Social Network

Elvn crypto messenger combines crypto wallet functionality with cryptocurrency exchange platform and social media network to promote and facilitate the use of cryptocurrency, bring together the advocates, and provide them with a convenient communication tool. Dashdevs pioneered this type of fintech product development since no one else before had combined several crypto apps in one mobile product to solve business and customer needs. Our team worked under tight deadlines and delivered the product in just three weeks without compromising on quality and functionality.

FitGrid FitGrid FitGrid FitGrid
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End-to-End Online Fitness Platform

FitGrid is a powerful mobile platform that takes your sporting activities to an absolutely new level. It consists of separate solutions for all fitness industry participants: FitGrid Studio to help owners personalize customer communications, FitGrid Pro assists instructors with creating unique experiences and foster client loyalty, and FitGrid Client to build a strong community and so raise studio profile. This fitness trainer app automates processes, provides a schedule of classes with reminders, enables collective and personal notes for customized workouts, as well as follow-up messages with templates, statistics, and notifications, all while allowing instructors to focus on their customers and individual motivating experience. We took on the technical implementation of native apps, design of logic to enable data exchange, integration of third-party tools, redesign, and legacy code update.

ClipShot ClipShot ClipShot
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Video Recording Tool for Shooting Workouts

Clipshot app combines technologies, math, and computer science and makes filming and sharing your shooting action much easier and faster. Users call it one of the free video editing tools since it helps them to focus on what matters most: result, progress, and having fun in the process. The implemented functionality enables consumers to perform deep editing, like splitting times or adding possible missed shots, and include their score and name right in the visual. Clipshot then compiles the video and makes it possible to share it on different social media channels.

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Your Daily News Reading App

The TMZ app provides the full functionality of one of the leading news websites right in your pocket. Stay current on the twenty-four-seven exclusives, breaking celebrity stories, sports news, hottest videos, and galleries. Additionally, we’ve made it possible for users to watch 'TMZ Live,' 'TMZ Sports on FS1' clips, and 'TMZ on TV' without leaving the TMZ mobile app.

RubenDelivery RubenDelivery RubenDelivery RubenDelivery
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Convenient CBD Shopping & Delivery App

What may be unusual about a mobile delivery app? — In fact nothing, except for the goods it has to offer. Our team worked on the legacy code and redesign for the Ruben Delivery app, a CBD delivery service for Swiss customers. Due to the specifics of goods, we faced tight restrictions in terms of legislation, localization, and customer age, which should have been taken into account during the -redesign and re-development stages. Moreover, it had two categories of users — buyers and couriers — so we offered separate solutions with different features depending on the authorization role.

    ComicFlix ComicFlix ComicFlix
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    Engaging Visual Storytelling with Comics

    ComicFlix is a powerful visual storytelling tool that automatically transforms your favorite stories narrated in movies or TV shows into comic strips and books, all while making them available in hundreds of languages. Dashdevs was responsible for building the underlying system that processes the images and videos, organizes them into blocks and comic pages, allows editing layouts, applies integrated third-party comic-like effects, saves, and exports the results. The microservices architecture at the heart of the platform enables using the same service side for a SAAS web-based service and a mobile app.

    Mission Mission Mission
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    Workout & Meditation Online Video Platform

    Mission 360 is a web platform with numerous videos for busy individuals seeking enriched spirit, stronger body, and broadened mind. It offers yoga, meditation, and fitness classes recorded in-studio or on-demand to promote self-improvement and well-being. Mission 360 video platform allows fitness studios and individual coaches to share their video content with the community, as well as hold one-on-one sessions with the users á la carte. With a monthly subscription, customers get unlimited access to the gallery, but a guest mode with free-trial videos is also available.

    RealEstateVids RealEstateVids RealEstateVids RealEstateVids
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    SEO-Friendly Real Estate Video App

    This video application allows property agents to forget about boring slideshows or gimmicky real estate video tours, and start creating useful property videos on their own. Currently, there is no need to hire a costly videographer to attract potential buyers and boost real estate sales. Real Estate Vids combines all must-have tools in one place and enables property agents to create three types of video: a property overview video to show the house, a testimonial video from a client, and a thank you video from an agent to their client.

    Sup Sup Sup Sup
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    Daily medicine reminder app

    The medication regimen is a certain path to well-being that is challenged by our busy schedules. Sup is a personal assistant that reminds you about pills, supplements, and medications that should be taken at the right times. We placed greater emphasis on the usability of this daily pill reminder app by implementing clear schedules, comprehensive medicine lists, and customizable notifications. It works offline and offers a passcode lock to eliminate the possibility of unwanted access to your personal medical information.

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    RadioUL RadioUL RadioUL RadioUL
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    Enlightening Mobile Radio App

    Radio Universelles Leben is a Christian radio app available right in your pocket from around the world. It's straightforward and easily customizable to meet user needs perfectly. The solution comes with a wide range of online programs for meditation, self-improvement, discussions, and other, convenient weekly program schedule to not miss the favorite ones, and built-in timer for automatic switching off of the online radio app.

    Loanzify Loanzify Loanzify Loanzify
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    Branded Mortgage App

    Loanzify is a white label mortgage app that empowers lenders to create branded apps time- and cost-efficiently. In this way, mortgage providers may support their clients and partners with all the essential tools throughout the entire house buying process. Loanzify app is equipped with a comprehensive mortgage calculator, loan program matching tool, step-by-step home buying guide, and a messaging app to stay connected with borrowers/loan officers.